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Yesterday I did my Christmas shopping. I was fast, fleeting and almost predatory in the process. If my shopping had been a football player, it would have been Thierry Henry. If it had been a film character, it would have been Jason Bourne. There was no mess, no frills and no last minute havoc. Here are four not so conventional tips on how to do it:

Make a list

Nani Power, contemporary author and writer of Crawling at Night once said, ‘Lists are life’. I don’t necessarily agree with her but they’re bloody important and Power’s quote emphasises that. Make a list in your head if you’re only buying for a few, write it down somewhere if you’re buying for a lot. We don’t want you forgetting anyone.

Don’t wear excess clothing

Don’t go marching around the shops in your thermals, jumper and coat. That’s stupid. You’ll get too hot, fed up and hate shopping. You’ll probably buy everyone rubbish presents. You should risk being cold for that trip to the car or train for comfort in the shops. That’s where it matters today. You must be in the zone. The shops are your zone.

Have breakfast

If it means missing your train and getting one in 15 minutes, nip into Costa or Starbucks or even better, a Pret. Get some nosh to set you for the day. There’ll be no meal stopping in the afternoon. You’ll probably be too busy and stressed.

Cards first presents second

Cards are your one of your only chances to add some personality to your Christmas present. Think long and hard about your card. Stand your ground in there too. People like to push and shove. But don’t forget your manners obviously.


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